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No matter the season, the exterior of your home is vulnerable to the effects of the environment. That means dirt, mud, rain, wind, leaves, branches, and any bacteria that comes along with those debris, especially when there is moisture involved. When left unattended for a long time, these elements eventually become stubborn stains that could have been prevented. Not only are these stains an eyesore, making the house look older than it really is, it also affects the material of the home. Petersburg Power Washing is what you need to clean it up!

A couple of the things that come from the growth of unkept exteriors is mold and algae. Since these are a type of living fungi or plant-like thing, they can grow and spread on the surface they’re attached to – i.e. your roof, house sidings, decks, etc. With the help of moisture, the growth can deteriorate whatever material it’s on. You can prevent this possibility from happening by making sure you get regular power washing on the exterior of your home – highly recommended to be at least every 2 years, at minimum.

Power Washing Defined

“Power washing” is often used interchangeably with the term “pressure washing” – both are methods of cleaning using pressurized equipment paired with a cleaning solution to remove all types of residue and debris around the home or commercial buildings.

Power washing isn’t the only answer to cleaning the exterior of your home, but it is the easier and more efficient way. Without the right equipment, cleaning solutions, and the expertise you’d be looking at long hours of cleaning and potentially cause damages. The reason that expert power washing in Petersburg is recommended is because it can be done more quickly and efficiently without wasting water or time. The supreme results with a professional power washing company is noticeable – you will not be disappointed!


How Our Highland Park Power Washing Team Performs

Our Petersburg power washing experts use a truck mounted pressure washing system for every job. Our equipment was designed to be powerful and ready to be used in just about every scenario that may need power washing. The professional-grade pump in our equipment is more powerful than the pressure washing equipment that you’d find at hardware stores. We’re also able to make the necessary adjustments to match the requirements of the surfaces that are being washed – some surfaces require much less pressure in order to avoid any damage.

Essentially, our method of power washing in Petersburg is to combine the power of our specialized cleaning solution with just the right amount of pressurized, filtered water (and sometimes heat) to remove all debris, mold, and mildew from the surfaces of your property. Our equipment also comes with tools to help us reach those nooks and crannies that often get neglected because they’re hard to reach. 

If required, our method of power washing can also kill the mold and mildew growth, stopping them from spreading across the house and staining more surfaces. After a successful power washing session with Supreme Cleaning Company, you’ll think your home is new again!

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We use proprietary cleaning methods that are safer for the environment and for houses and buildings than some other pressure washing techniques.


Happy Clients

Fresh and Clean power washing are top notch. They did two properties I own and I could not be more pleased. the tech is personable, professional and reliable. He went above and beyond. I would highly recommend Fresh and Clean Power Washing for all of your home power washing needs.

They are exactly what they are. I have a very long driveway and they cleaned it better than I’ve ever seen. Fresh and Clean team were on the job when they said and finished on time. I’m very impressed. with this company and would highly recommend them! I will definitely use them again. Great job!

Excellent service, punctual, friendly, professional, very fast, accommodating, great prices, I definitely recommend them to family and friends!!!!!! Thank you!